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Section I

The National Football Association (also known as the NFA) is an LLC Corporation as an Adult Amateur Football League often defined as Semi-Professional, Minor Professional or Minor League Football.

League Mission: It is the mission of the NFA to provide good clean family friendly entertainment in a safe and professional, non-violent environment. Our objective is to promote winning in a fair manner with unparalleled sportsmanship.

  • Players, coaches and staff members of each team will maintain appropriate behavior on and off the field.
  • No excessive profanity will be tolerated during games especially when players are standing near the sideline where fans can hear it.
  • Players should not address any fans unless in a positive manner and NEVER during a game.
  • Fighting or threatening of players, referees, coaches, league officials or fans will bring automatic permanent ban from the NFA.
  • Profanity towards any Coach, Referee, or League Official including Commissioner, President, Vice President or Secretary will result in your immediate expulsion from the NFA.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Any team caught cheating or violating league rules to win a game will be removed from the NFA as well as forfeit all games played.
  • Teams are not allowed to use players that are under contract from other teams or from any team in a different league. 

Section II

League Membership

  • Registration: The first step is to complete an application for membership.  You must complete the application thoroughly.  Missing or misleading information will result in your application being denied.
  • Cost of Membership: The 2024 NFA dues are $400.00 (outdoor) and $1,000.00 (indoor).  Any team that has not paid their dues in full by the deadline date will be ineligible for membership for the 2024 Season.  There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.
  • Minimum Requirements: All teams must have the following ALREADY IN PLACE before membership will be accepted:
  • Teams must show proof of a home field.  You must bring proof of the signed agreement with you to the owners meeting.  Failure to provide proof will result in your team being removed from consideration.  All fields must be GAME DAY READY!  Fields will be checked for approval validity.
  • Teams must provide proof of field insurance.  You must bring proof of field insurance with you to the owners meeting along with a copy of your field rental agreement. Proof of insurance will be checked.
  • All teams are required to have complete matching uniforms.  This includes both HOME (Dark) and AWAY (White) jerseys.  There is NO EXCEPTION to this rule.  Any team that does not have both Home and Away uniforms will have their membership immediately revoked.
  • Join the NFA with the intent of honoring ALL rules and bylaws.
  • Have followed EVERY "Requirements" as posted on the NFA website:
  • Expectations: All teams are expected to follow the rules of the NFA to the letter in the intent in which they were written.  We will immediately remove any team that refuses to abide by ALL League rules and bylaws or teams that try to alter the meaning of the rules and bylaws.
  • Teams are expected to read and thoroughly understand the rules and bylaws.
  • Teams are expected to have a coaching staff; not players or player coaches who are playing in the game acting as coaches. They must have a minimum of two (2) sideline coaches.
  • Teams are expected to enforce all rules and bylaws regardless of player, staff member or any member representing or speaking on the team behalf.
  • Teams are expected to thoroughly go over the rules and bylaws of the league with every member of their organization and ensure that they are understood and enforced at all times.  There is no one person bigger than the team and no one team bigger than the league.
  • Teams are expected to budget for a 6-game regular season and 4-game playoff system that may require travel of more than 6-hours.
  • Teams are expected to be able to budget for 5 game officials throughout the regular season as well as any home playoff game.

Failure to meet and maintain the expectations of the NFA will result in immediate termination of your membership.

Section III
New Members:  New members will be placed in a mentoring program with a current member to assist with making the transition into the NFA.

  • New members must have their league dues paid in full by the deadline date.  There will BE absolutely no extensions.  Failure to meet deadlines will result in your membership being immediately revoked.
  • New members must assign a staff member (not a player) to communicate weekly with their mentor to share in the progress of their transition.  This includes but not limits assistance with league paperwork, question regarding league rules and bylaws.
  • New members must be in good financial standings with the NFA .  The NFA will not accept any applicant that has willingly or unwillingly caused a financial hardship to an active member.
  • New members must have the resources to complete an entire season which includes but not limits preseason, regular season and post season.
  • All members must show a plan of how they intend to make it through the entire season including but not limited to preseason, regular season and post season if applicable. In their plan they must show where they intend to receive the bulk of their finances i.e., player fee’s, sponsorship, loan, etc. This must be presented at the owners meeting. Teams that do not have this information available will not be considered for membership.
  • New members are required to attend all league sponsored functions i.e., owners meeting, National & All-star Weekend.  



Executive Officers:  The NFA is governed by its members.  Every team in the NFA will have a member of their organization act as a representative of their voice.

League Commissioner
  Responsibilities shall include:

  • Schedule all meetings of the league.
  • Collect and deposit all league dues.
  • Call all meetings of the league to order.
  • Conduct all meetings of the league.
  • Make temporary appointments to fill office vacancies.
  • Assist with the development of the League.
  • Oversee the success of every team and its players.
  • Oversee league play-off and championship games.
  • Use deciding vote when teams are deadlocked in any decision making process.
  • Rule on proposed discipline and course of action taken for teams and players that violate league policy.
  • Act in the best interest of the League regardless of vote outcome.
  • Assist other League officials in their duties as deemed necessary.

League President
   Responsibilities shall include:

  • Assist with scheduling all meetings of the league.
  • Assist with the presentation of league information.
  • Prescreen potential new teams.
  • Give assessment of potential new teams.
  • Assist with the development of the league.
  • Assist with the playoff and championship game formats.
  • Take overall league responsibilities with potential corporate sponsorships.
  • Review all league disciplinary reports and make assessment to the League commissioner.

   The secretary responsibilities shall include:

  • Recording of all discussions and transactions of league meetings.
  • Mail hard copies of all documents of league activity to officers and team representatives.
  • Assist in the planning of meetings.
  • Contact teams regarding meeting locations in their areas.
  • Attend meetings and give suggestions concerning league growth.
  • Keep record of all league disciplinary reports, course of action taken and results.
  • Keep an accurate file of all team rosters, player profiles and injury waivers to be turned into the league. 
  • Responsible for checking to make sure that every document is complete and will report all incomplete documents to the league Director of Operations and League President in a timely manner.
  • Report any violations of league paperwork that HAVE not been turned IN by the deadline date.
  • Responsible for making sure the teams have a website with current information. 


   The treasurer responsibilities shall include:

  • Keep accurate record of all transactions.
  • Report to the board of any discrepancies regarding late payments, missing or lost funds and unpaid bills.

Section I

Communication:  Communication is the very essence of the success of the NFA, therefore all members of the League are required to be available at all times and must have a minimum home phone, business phone or cell phone. If a member does not meet the minimum requirements he/she will have their membership revoked.

Communication Requirements:

  • Members must obtain and maintain a functional website that is updated at least once a week.
  • Members are required to have a valid working phone.  All calls must be returned within 24-hours of receipt regardless of importance.  If it is a call regarding an issue; a follow up call must be done within 48-hours of the reported problem with a resolution.
  • Members must have a valid working email address.  You are responsible for checking your messages daily and confirming that any messages sent to you from the NFA has been received.
  • Members may not use any social network to discuss league business of any kind.  They may use social networks to promote their team’s upcoming functions but may not discuss any league issues or results of league issues at any time. This includes tweeting during meetings, having unapproved additional members on conference calls or sharing information that is deemed to be league business without the knowledge of the President or Commissioner of the NFA.

Any member that is found to be in violation of any rules of the NFA will be permanently removed from the league; this includes owners, coaches, players and staff.

Section II

Chain of Command: All teams must follow the appropriate chain of command when filing a complaint against a player, coach or team in the NFA.

Chain of Command for Players

  • Commissioner
  • Conference Director
  • Regional Director
  • Owner
  • Coach

Chain of Command for Teams

  • Executive Administrator
  • Commissioner
  • Conference Director
  • Regional Director

Section III

Conference Calls:  Conference calls are scheduled every Sunday at 8:00p Central Standard Time.  It is MANDATORY that all team owners are on the weekly conference call on time and preferably in a quiet surrounding. Failure to make to attend the conference calls will result in your dismissal from the NFA.

Reporting Game Day Problems: If there is a critical issue during a game; you must contact the Commissioner of the NFA Immediately.  If there is no answer then you must leave a message addressing the problem and if there was a viable solution then you must inform the Commissioner of the resolution.  DO NOT CONTACT the President of the NFA during games.  All non-critical issues must wait until Sunday’s conference call.


Section I 

Players and Team Rosters: All players must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age or older and not playing a high school sport.  For insurance reasons players under the age of eighteen (18) are not allowed to play in any league games until the following game after their eighteenth (18th) birthday.  Teams may use a roster spot for these players but they are NOT allowed to participate or dress out until the assigned date.  Notification of date of birth must be submitted to the League one week prior to the player turning eighteen (18).

  • All players must sign paperwork provided by NFA which includes, Player Contract, Injury Waiver, Player Profile and Code of Conduct.  Once the player has signed the paperwork; the team owner must also sign all 4 forms acknowledging signature before submitting it to the NFA. 
  • All players must submit a photo to the NFA for the official website roster identifying themselves as a member of said team before they are allowed to participate in the NFA.  Failure to submit all required documents will result in the player(s) being ineligible.  Any player that is not on file or any paperwork turned in incomplete will result in that player being considered ineligible.  Players will have the opportunity to submit corrected paperwork as long as it is submitted to the league by the deadline dates.   There will not be any allowance for extensions regardless of reasons.  All paperwork must be submitted correctly, NO EXCEPTONS!
  • The NFA will permit each team to carry up to fifty-five (55) players for outdoor 11-man, (30) players for outdoor 8-man, (18) players for womens sixes, (25) players for indoor and (35) players for arena football. Teams may not carry any additional players as the NFA does not have an injury reserve, practice squad or taxi squad.
  • First roster submission of up to 55 players must be turned in by no later than May 1, 2024 deadline.  After the May 1st deadline, you may not add any players until the next roster opening (June 1st – June 8th) at which this time you may add enough players to get your roster up to the 55-player limit. After June 8th, 2024 you may not add any additional players for the remainder of the 2024 season.
  • A player is an eligible member of the NFA once the League has received the player’s paperwork and it has been verified that it is signed, initialed and dated correctly.
  • All contracts must be in the possession of the NFA’s Commissioner by no later than May 2, 2024.  Failure to submit ALL paperwork by the established deadline will result in your players being ineligible until the next available roster deadline.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS and NO EXTENSIONS to either deadline. 
  • All hardcopies of player’s paperwork must be mailed; they may not be faxed or emailed and must be received by the established deadline dates. 
  • All teams are required to maintain an active roster minimum of 30-players(11-man outdoor), 15 players (8-man outdoor), 20 (indoor) and 25 (arena) at all times.  Any team that does not maintain the minimum will be subject to review and possible dismissal.
  • Failure to meet the roster minimum of active players will result in your team being ineligible for participation in the NFA.
  • Any team caught in violation of the roster rules intentionally or unintentionally will be immediately removed from the NFA.
  • Once a player signs with a team, he cannot under any circumstances play with another team or in any other league unless he is released from his previous contract by the Team, the Commissioner and President of the NFA. 
  • Any player that chooses to violate his contract by playing with another Semipro, Adult Amateur, Minor League or Minor Professional League outside of the NFA will be permanently banned from participating in the NFA. 
  • It is required that every player in the NFA act in a professional manner at all times.  Any player that does not act in a manner conducive to the NFA Code of Conduct will be suspended indefinitely by the Commissioner of the NFA.
  • If you have a person listed on your roster but do not have paperwork for that player, he will be immediately removed from the team’s roster and considered ineligible for the remainder of the year.
  • Hardcopies of all paperwork must be in the league's possession on or before the first deadline date of May 1, 2024. Any player not listed on the official league roster that is posted on the NFA website as well as filed with the NFA will be considered illegal. 
  • It is the policy of the NFA that roster checks are done before every game.  Any player that has not been checked before the game will be considered illegal and ineligible to participate in the game.  The exception to this: the owner must notify the other team in advance that a player is going to be late; however upon his arrival which must be “BEFORE” the 2-minute warning of the 2nd Quarter, the player must be checked in by the referee crew and opposing team’s head coach prior to him being allowed to participate in the game.  No late player(s) will be allowed to participate in the game after the end of the 2nd quarter. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to forfeiture of the game, suspension and termination of membership.
  • All players must sign paperwork provided by NFA which includes, Player Contract, Injury Waiver, Player Profile and Code of Conduct.  Once the player has signed the paperwork; the team owner must also sign all 4 forms acknowledging signature before submitting it to the NFA. 
  • All players must submit a photo for the official website roster identifying himself as an official member of a NFA team member before they are eligible to participate.  Failure to properly submit all required documents correctly will result in the player being ineligible. 
  • Any player that is not on file or any paperwork turned in incomplete will result in that player being considered ineligible.  Players will have the opportunity to submit corrected paperwork only once during both signing periods.  Once the deadline has come, they must wait the appropriate waiting times.
  • Non-roster personnel suited for a game upon discovery will be ejected from the game.  The head coach will be ejected from the game and the team will be assessed a fifteen (15) yard penalty for un-sportsman like conduct.  The team in violation will forfeit the results of the game, and be removed from the NFA for violation of league rules.
  • Every game in which an illegal player has played will be considered a forfeit upon an investigation. Any team caught in intentional violation will result in your team’s immediate dismissal.

Sideline Personnel: No team is allowed to have non-NFA personnel on the sidelines at any time, for any reason. This includes family members, friends and visiting players from other teams. All sideline personnel must have approved paperwork signed and filed by the Commissioner of the NFA.

  • All personnel on the sidelines of a league game must be placed on a personnel roster previously submitted to the NFA. 
  • All non-team personnel must be listed on the official NFA’s team roster on the NFA website.
  • All sideline personnel shall be required to meet the same standards of conduct as players, coaches and officials.  Any sideline personnel that does not act accordingly will be permanently removed and will not be allowed on the sidelines for the duration of the season along with a report being submitted to the NFA.
  • Any coach that has been ejected from the game for disciplinary reasons i.e., excessive profanity, unprofessional conduct, etc., will be fined $50.00 which must be paid within 72-hours of the occurrence.  Failure to pay the fine will result in an indefinite suspension and possible expulsion. 
  • If a coach is suspended by the NFA, he may not attend any games until the suspension is lifted.  Failure to comply will result in the immediate dismissal from the NFA.

Section II:   

Games: Roster checks must be performed at every game, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • The NFA will play all games in accordance with the rules of the IFL (Indoor Football League) with a few modifications.
  • The NFA will play a Ten (10) game regular season schedule beginning on Saturday, March16th, 2024 and concluding with the NFA Championship Game & annual All-Star Game (potentially) on Saturday, May 18th, 2024.
  • The NFA holds its members to a higher standard when it comes to sportsmanship and violence.  Because of this we are very selective of the games that we accept with non-league members therefore ALL preseason and non-league games need to be approved by the League Commissioner.  Any team that fails or refuses to get permission will be removed from the NFA.
  • All games are played on Saturday with NO game being played before noon.  If a team is in need of a Sunday game, they are required to submit in writing or via e-mail to the Commissioner and League President the Monday prior to the awaiting game.  You must document the reason for the request.  The visiting team will have the right to request the game be changed to their home field if it can be played on Saturday.  If a Saturday game is not permissible then the league will approve a Sunday substitute.  If by chance a Sunday game cannot be accommodated and no compromise can be made then the decision will be made by both the NFA Commissioner and President.
  • Moderate End-Zone celebrations will be allowed however excessive celebration will be assessed a fifteen (15) yard un-sportsmanlike penalty on the ensuing play.
  • Headsets may only be worn by a home team if one of the following occurs; the visiting team has head sets of their own, the home provides rental headsets for the visitors or if the visiting team refuses to wear headsets.  The visiting team may use headsets on road trips even if the home team does not have any.  If the visiting team’s headset malfunctions, the home team must remove their headset until the visiting team’s equipment is fixed.
  • Playing fields must meet the requirements set forth by the NFA Executive Administrator and Commissioner.  All fields must be GAME DAY READY and in accordance with NFA regulations.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in your team being immediately disqualified from the NFA.
  • If applicable, the Home team is required to provide room in the press box for videotaping; the visiting team receives “PRIORITY” space for filming.
  • The home team must provide a working scoreboard with game clock and a qualified attendant who has knowledge of official hand signals and knowledge of the IFL clock stoppage rules.  This attendant becomes part of the officiating crew and takes direct instruction from the head referee. 
  • The NFA DOES NOT USE a running clock.  If there is a clock malfunction, then and only then will the officials keep time on the field.  If the officials refuse to honor the no running clock rule, they must be reported to the league commissioner promptly.  Officials who do not act in a manner that is deemed professional will be banned from participating in any future games with the NFA.
  • Locker rooms or a comparable close facility with a functioning restroom must be made available for the visiting team traveling over one and a-half-hours at least 2 hours prior to the game start time and at the conclusion of the game.  Failure to provide a facility will result in your dismissal from the NFA.
  • All team owners are responsible for cleaning up their sideline after the game.  $150.00 fine will be paid to the host team, if the visiting team does not clean their sideline after completion of the game.  Failure to comply; will result in disciplinary actions by the owner of the NFA.  It is the responsibility of the host team to present visual documentation in a timely manner.  All fines must be paid in full within 24-hours of receiving notice.
  • Home teams must have a trainer on site and easy access to medical help by telephone.  The home team’s trainer must be able to render services to the visiting team in case of a player injury upon verbal consent. The trainer is not to be a player, coach or anyone actively participating as a member of the current game.
  • Home team is responsible for payment of ALL This includes preseason, regular season and playoff games. YOU MUST HAVE 4-OFFICIALS! (indoor only)
  • Each Team is responsible for using a competent chain crew.
  • All chains must be on the opposite side of the field away from the press box for accurate filming.
  • Water and Ice will be made available to the visiting squad upon their arrival and must be checked during each quarter of the game. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOST TEAM TO RETRIEVE THE VISITING TEAMS COOLERS AND FILL THEM. Failure to provide Water and Ice upon arrival will result in a fine of $50.00 which must be paid in full before the next scheduled game.  Refusal or failure to pay the fine before the deadline date will result in your team’s immediate dismissal from the NFA.
  • The use of or having in the possession of:  illegal drugs, paraphernalia and physical altering substances or equipment, including illegal or concealed weapons, or the threat of using a gun on the premises of a game are prohibited and will be grounds for automatic expulsion from the league as well as legal actions being taken by the Commissioner of the NFA.
  • No use of alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco on game fields (including sidelines and locker rooms) before, during and after a game.  A field that supports the selling of alcoholic beverages is allowed within the fan designated area (bleachers). 
  • Fields without a fan-designated area are required to establish a twenty-five (25) yard barrier from the field.  FRIENDS AND FANS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY TEAMS’ SIDELINE AT ANY TIME.
  • Players are never allowed to consort with any fans, friends of family during the course of the game regardless of the reason.  Any player that is caught fraternizing with a fan during the game will receive an automatic 2-game suspension which is non-appealable.
  • Playoff game day is Saturday.  If the home team does not have a facility for the scheduled game they MUST contact the League by no later than Monday 2 weeks prior to game day.  The visiting team will have the opportunity to then host the game on the scheduled date.  If the visiting team cannot obtain a field, the following day (Sunday) will be substituted in place of Saturday.  If the original host team still cannot obtain a field then the original host team will forfeit based on not meeting the requirements set forth by the NFA.
  • All games must have a minimum of two (2) identifiable security personnel.  If there is an expense incurred it will be at the expense of the home team.
  • The NFA will post kick off times on the league website.  All games are required to start on time.  In case of emergency there will be a thirty (30) minute grace start time for the home team and forty-five (45) minute grace for traveling teams with proper notification. 
  • You must have the league minimum players to start a game, only the League Commissioner can determine if it is in the best interest of the NFA to allow a game to be played without having the minimal number of required players.

Section III

Delays and Postponements: Postponements due to weather may be made up during a league bye week or if available a Sunday game may be played in place of a Saturday game if applicable.  Any weather postponement must be approved by the Commissioner.

If a game is delayed at the start of the 3rd quarter and “IF” there are no dates for conclusion of the game then the score from the first half will count as the final score.

Section IV

Halftime: Halftime will consist of one 15-minute quarter.  If a team is late causing a delay in the start time then the halftime will be reduced from 15-minutes to 12-minutes.  No official has the right to reduce the time if a game is started when scheduled.  In the event there is an overtime period there will be a 5-munite intermission period before the start of overtime.

Overtime (Regular Season): The rules for overtime during the regular season will remain in accordance with the NCAA regular season rule.

Section V

Fighting and Profanity: The NFA is a ZERO TOLERANCE League.  We do not tolerate violence or threats of violence of any kind.  Any violence or threats of violence be it verbal or physical will result in your immediate dismissal and permanent ban from the NFA.  There are absolutely NO APPEALS on bans regarding violence.

  • Any representative of a team fighting shall be ejected from the game, removed from the property and banned from the NFA indefinitely.  This includes; playoff, championship and all-star games as well as forfeit any awards that may have been granted to him for his performance.  Depending on the severity of the offense; legal action may be taken. There are absolutely NO APPEALS on bans regarding violence.
  • Any Player that is ejected from a game, the owner of that team must notify the Commissioner of the NFA as soon as the game is over via telephone with Full names and description of the incident regarding all parties involved.  No immediate decision will be rendered until all parties involved have been spoken with.  All parties involved must be available by no later than Monday 1:00p Central Standard Time of the following week to provide as much information as possible, failure to contact the Commissioner by this time will result in the maximum punishment allowed.
  • Any incident regarding violence will require game film from both teams.  Failure to produce film can result in a delay in the decision making process.
  • Any player that is ejected for excessive use of profanity will be suspended for no less than two (2) games.  No appeal will be granted. 
  • If a player is ejected during the playoffs he will not be eligible for the remainder of the playoffs nor all-star game and must sit for a period of 3-weeks (not including preseason) the following year. 
  • Any player that uses profanity towards a League Official of the NFA at any period will be permanently banned from the NFA.
  • Any player that shows a lack of sportsmanship including refusal to meet at mid-field after the game, shaking the hand of the opponent or walking away without acknowledging their opponent will be banned from the NFA permanently.
  • Any player that removes his equipment in an act of disgust or acts of unprofessional decorum on the sidelines or any player that leaves the playing field and goes into the stands for any reason during the game will be banned indefinitely by the Commissioner of NFA  The team owner and opposing owner must report this act to the league president, secretary and director of operations within twenty-four (24) hours from the occurrence.
  • Any player that throws any equipment in an act of disgust will be banned from the NFA.

Section VI

Forfeits and Cancelations: The NFA is a ZERO TOLERANCE League pertaining to violence and forfeits.  We will not tolerate forfeits for any reason.  Any team that willingly forfeits a game will be permanently banned from any participation with all members of the NFA.

  • There are only three types of cancelations: weather related, critical accident related and death related.  All other forms of cancelations will be considered forfeits.
  • Any member of the NFA willingly accepting games with a team that has been removed from the NFA due to forfeits will also be immediately removed from the NFA.
  • Teams that petition for membership into the NFA do so with the understanding that they must have flexibility when it comes to scheduling.  Once a schedule is posted it is up to the teams to work out any scheduling concerns two weeks prior to the game’s scheduled time and date.   All solutions must be in writing to the President and Commissioner of the NFA within 24-hours of the arrangement being made.
  • Teams may only cancel a game in the event of a death or serious accident to one of its members. You must contact the owner of the opposing team as well as the President and Commissioner of the NFA.  You must be able to show proof that such an event occurred.  Failure to do so will result in your cancelation being considered a forfeit as well as your immediate dismissal from the NFA for violation of Article IV Section VI paragraph 1 regarding zero forfeits.


Section I

Teams Uniforms: In accordance with IFL Rules each team must have complete MATCHING game uniforms.  This includes having one set of Home (dark) jerseys and one set of Away (white) jerseys.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  If you must have your game uniforms before the start of the season, failure to comply will result in your immediate dismissal from the NFA.

  • Every team must have a set of complete Home (dark) and Away (white) uniforms before the start of the regular season.
  • EVERY uniform must be purchased through the NFA supplier, Timbok-2 Sportswear.
  • Teams that are going to have a player’s names on the back of the uniforms must have them on all uniforms.  All names must be correctly spelled and match the official roster that has been submitted to the NFA.
  • The player’s last name is the only acceptable way to display a player’s name, i.e., no nick name or aliases. In a case where two players share identical spellings of a last name, the first initial may be added followed by a period along with the last name.
  • Each player shall be dressed in accordance with the IFL rules.  Game jersey with numbers either screen print, tackle twilled or sublimated on front and back.  Matching game pants and matching game socks. Uniforms must be tucked in at all times and socks must come up to the knee i.e. NO SKIN SHOWING!  Failure to comply with uniform rules will result in your player’s immediate 2-game suspension.
  • All helmets MUST be painted the same color and color shade. Helmets that do not match may NOT be worn at any time during the season.  Failure to comply will result in an automatic 2-game suspension.
  • If a team has helmet decals, they must be placed on ALL
  • Thigh pads and Knee pads are suggested but not required.
  • Players may wear visors.  NOTE: The NFA recommends a clear or lightly smoked visor however any visor color may be worn at the player’s own risk. The head official has the right to ask any player to remove the dark visor if they so desire.  Failure to comply will result in the player being removed from the game and a 15-yard un-sportsman-like penalty being assessed to the team and an automatic two game suspension for being ejected from the game.

Section II

Game officials: The hosting team must have a minimum of four (4) field officials during the regular season and five (5) for ANY post-season games.  No game will be permitted with a number less than 5 unless prior permission from the League Executive Administrator and Commissioner has been granted.  This must be done one week prior to the upcoming game.

  • Any official that officiates in the NFA must act in a professional manner at all times. Any official that acts or speaks in a manner that is deemed unprofessional will be immediately and permanently removed from his duties and never allowed to officiate in any other games involving members of the NFA.
  • Each official shall be dressed in accordance with IFL rules .All officials must have their certification number on the back of their uniform shirt identifying who they are.
  • All officials must be listed on the official website of the NFA under their head of officials.
  • Each official shall have complete knowledge of ALL IFL and NFA rules.
  • All officials must be state certified and have proof of such certification. 
  • All officials must become certified through the NFA.
  • Each field official shall be an adult over the age of 25 and have a minimum of 2-years officiating.
  • Each official must be “unbiased” and honest without regards to the outcome of any game. Relatives of player’s coaches or owners may never officiate any game that they are participating in. Any team or official violating this rule will result in their immediate dismissal from participation in the NFA.
  • If a crew of officials fails to show for a game for any reason shall never be used by the NFA ever again.
  • If an official acts in a manner that is deemed unbecoming an official or refuses to adhere to the NFA By-Laws; that crew will never be used again for any reason. If a team is caught using officials that are deemed ineligible, they will forfeit the game pending an investigation, and disciplinary action taken.
  • If an official acts in an unprofessional or incompetent manner or is showing a bias attitude against the visiting team, the opposing team may have that official removed from the game.  If this action is taken, a full report must be made to the NFA commissioner, director of operations and league secretary within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident by both teams stating their version of the events.  A review of that official will be assessed and pending the outcome, he may never work future games in the NFA.




Section I

Representation of the NFA: It is the goal of the NFA to obtain exposure for its members via the use of internet, radio and television media.  Occasionally there will be media outlets that request information regarding teams in the NFA as well as the League itself.   In the event you are asked to do an interview regarding the NFA you must first get permission from the Commissioner to act as a representative on behalf of the NFA.  Any member of the league that acts on his or her own as a League representative or spokesperson without the consent of the Commissioner of the NFA will automatically have their membership revoked.

  • The NFA has never nor will ever represent itself as a professional football entity.  The NFA is an Adult Amateur League by all definitions including Semi-Pro and Minor League; any member misrepresenting the NFA as anything other than an Adult Amateur Football League will have their membership permanently revoked.
  • The NFA carries an amateur status therefore we do not pay players (exception of the D1 arena division).  Any team that pays its players will be considered to carry a professional status therefore would be ineligible to participate as a member with the NFA and its members.

Section II

Message Boards and Social Networks:  While it is not the intent of the NFA  to censor anyone’s views or opinion, there is a higher level of respect that we demand from our members. This includes players, coaches and/or fans acting on behalf of players and coaches.  We understand that social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are free open speaking forums that the majority of players use this to speak recklessly regarding their views and opinions of players and teams in the NFA as well as other adult amateur league’s throughout the country. 
We cannot control what a person writes or say’s in an open forum; however we can determine whether or not it violates the NFA Code of Conduct.  We the NFA have the right to dismiss any person or person’s deemed in violation of our Code of Conduct based on our opinion. 

Section III

League and Team Websites: The NFA takes pride in its web presence therefore it is often being maintained on a daily basis. Teams in the NFA are required to have and maintain a web presence at all times.

  • It is the responsibility of the members of the NFA to submit your articles, press releases, video clips and other information in a timely manner.  Failure to submit your information in a timely manner will result in a delay of your information being posted.
  • Each team is required to have at minimum a “basic” website that is maintained with current information such as scores, upcoming opponents and schedules.  Because there are so many free site builders out there; this is not optional.
  • Each team is required to have a valid working email address.  It is the responsibility of the team to check for messages daily as this will be used as the primary means of communication.
  • While it is not a violation of any rules of the NFA, we ask that our members that use theme music on their website please limit your selections to non-racial lyrics and music that has no lyrical profanity. 

Reporting Scores and Game Summaries: It is the responsibility of the team to submit scores by quarter.  This can be done via text message at the end of every quarter.  It is also the responsibility of each team to submit the following by no later than 10pm Sunday: 

  • Score by quarter breakdown AND final game score directly after the game.
  • Player of the game for your team must be submitted via email by the Sunday 10pm deadline
  • Player of the game statistics must be accompanied with the nomination this must also be emailed.
  • Game statistics must be submitted by no later than 10pm Sunday evening.
  • A summary detailing the way the game was hosted, any issues or complaints, and any issues regarding game officials must be submitted by no later than 10pm every Sunday


NON LEAGUE MEMBERS: It is the intent of the NFA to work with other Adult Amateur Football entities’ as a show of brotherhood.  While we are willing to reach out to everyone; they must meet our criteria before we extend our hand.  Therefore the following must be in order before a member of the NFA will consider a relationship with any outside organization:

  • Members of the NFA are allowed to host and participate in games and events with teams that are not members of the NFA as long as they seek permission from the Commissioner and meet the criteria of the NFA’s Board of Directors.
  • No member of the NFA shall participate or host any game against a team that has an outstanding debt against a member of the NFA. All debts must be paid in full before consideration will be given to non-league members. Proof that the debt had been cleared must be presented before seeking permission to participate in an activity involving a member of the NFA.
  • Because the NFA is a Zero Tolerance League, ANY non-member seeking a game or looking to host an event;  must show in advance a plan of action regarding how the team/league handles violence and/or threats of violence before permission will be granted.
  • Due to the nature of Adult Amateur Football; any team seeking a home game must also accompany the NFA with a home game during the same season unless an agreement is made to do otherwise.
  • Any non-member team that acts in an unprofessional manner while visiting or hosting a member of the NFA will forfeit any future opportunities to participate in future events, this includes but not limited to games, tournaments, scrimmages, etc.
  • Any team that schedules a game then cancels or forfeits without proper notice; will be permanently banned from participating with any member of the NFA including games, tournament, scrimmages, etc.
  • Any team that vandalizes, steals property, or acts in a lewd manner or has behavior detrimental to a member of the NFA will be banned from ever participating in any event with the NFA which includes games, scrimmages, tournaments, etc.
  • Non-member teams are required to have all of the information available at the time of request.  This includes: field address, kickoff times, locker room information, and potential hotel information.  Failure to have the necessary information can and will delay our decision as to participate in your event.
  • IF A NON-LEAGUE MEMBER IS HOSTING: they are required to act as gracious hosts and provide enough ice and water for a 4-quarter football game.  This includes providing ice and water during warm-ups and during half-time.
  • All non-member teams must allow adequate filming space for NFA staff members. 
  • All non-league members must contact your NFA opponent to ensure that the game details have been worked out and everything is running according to plan.  If there is a problem it must be address by that time.
  • All non-league members are required to submit a roster by no later than the Wednesday before the game.
  • No call, no show = Forfeiture = Permanent Ban.


** The Executive Administrator has the right to amend any and all rules. And to govern over any rules not covered in the By-Laws.

** And, no player or staff person may switch to another team without the Executive Administrator, the Commissioner and the Team Owner from which the player or staff person is leaving from.

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